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We all wish we had asked parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends to tell us about historical events.

Our world is changing so fast that it is even more important to record memories before they are lost forever.

Hartlebury History Society is keen to develop an historical record of written, oral and visual memories wherever possible.  We are currently considering ways of being able to do this.

If you are interested in getting involved, or have some ideas or suggestions please get in touch.

Previous Research

Hartlebury History Society in partnership with the Worcestershire Historic and Archaeology Service, digitised the large, fragile inclosure maps of Hartlebury, Stone, Elmley Lovett, Areley Kings, Lower Mitton and Burlish Common. These huge old maps together with the unwieldy apportionment documents were digitised and transferred onto the County Council Geographical Information System (GIS). The whole project was made possible by the generous grant from the Local Heritage Initiative.